Natural Veneer

Revealing the Inner Beauty of Trees for you

Hardly any product made from a natural resource is as varied and versatile as a wood veneer! The unique attributes found in wood such as colour, texture and grain are brought forward by the state-of-the-art veneer production process, which includes slicing of logs with different techniques to enhance and highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

To deliver world-class wood veneers to our clients in the Indian Interior Infrastructure Industry, we stock veneers of different cuts, colours and grains made from a diverse range of indigenous wood species around the world. Our team of experts carefully handpick the best quality wood veneers suitable for all design needs and make the most difficult projects a possibility.

Our whole range of wood veneers are available in Flitch form, Spliced into lay-ons , and Fleece-backed. All our veneers can also be laminated on any Panels of your choice.


Reconstituted multi-layer veneer Made using real natural Ayous, Poplar and other woods, stained with acid dyes in aqueous solution and reconstituted using ureic resins with a low formaldehyde content, in compliance with applicable international regulations Busnelli international’s collection of reconstituted multi-laminar (reconstructed veneers) veneers include a vast and structured selection of products developed for the furniture, architecture and interior design industries, chosen to offer the finest continuative woods or the most trendy of essences and provide the very best assistance for all applications and outstanding value for money.
All the reconstituted veneers multi-laminar (reconstructed veneers) manufactured and marketed by Busnelli international are made exclusively of natural real wood and are certifiedto guarantee high quality standards, in full compliance with international regulations on environmental protection and sustainability

Dyed Natural Veneer

True Color® is a range of our Dyed Wood Veneers for your every need.  Our collection of Natural Wood Veneer is dyed through a specialised process to achieve an even tone ensuring zero inconsistencies in the depth of colour. Our dyeing technology eliminates the extra labour of staining and colour matching every time veneers are applied.

Contrary to popular belief, dyed wood veneers are very easy to work with and also add a whole new dimension to your projects and designs, encouraging experimentation and innovation. Offering vibrant to subtle colours and the smoothest of textures to choose from, we wish to colour your living spaces with the best of wood veneers!


FLUT.IT is a versatile ribbed wood panels that is highly customizable in terms of thickness, texture and flexibility. The composition of this panels can be made with Recon Veneer or Natural Veneer.

beyond these trendy woods declined in reconstituted veneer, it is possible select from Busnelli International collection more than 300 different essences and colours able to satisfy any customer requests and the most demanding decorations.

In FLUT.IT panels the process of milling enriches the surface with special deep textures able to create pleasant tactile effects for extremely fashion surfaces.

FLUT.IT vertical designs makes the panel specific for interior design projects like kitchen & furniture cabinet doors, slat wall, store displays and wall claddings.

Neu Decor

In today’s challenging times of climate change and global warming… in its Endeavor to be more sustainable and responsible, we Present NEU DECOR. The aim is to provide surfaces with sophisticated decors which are sustainable & 100% eco-friendly. They are manufactured using technologies and raw material that respect the environment and are yet of the highest quality in terms of designs and quality. The decor surface has visual as well as tactile effect.


The founder, together with the R&D team, developed Master Board, an innovative building material that is better for the environment, better for businesses and better for people.

Through continued R&D, Palmeco now developed a range of innovative building materials that bring superior functional and functional advantages to just about any construction project you can think of.

Palmeco has delivered on construction projects in more than 16 countries and have received innovation accolades for the efforts. And so the story continues…

Palmeco strive to develop building products that address the needs of engineers, architects, surveyors and professionals in the construction industry. and anticipate international market trends and aspire to fulfil the wishes of workers, marketers and people globally.

Master board production processes (including mixing, rolling and curing) are low energy. These processes use little water, produce no gas emissions, and use 90% less energy than cementitious building materials, significantly reducing our carbon impact on the environment.

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